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  • Stranger: *bumps into me*
  • Me: Oh my god, I'm sorry!
  • Friend: *bumps into me*
  • Me: u wana fuckign GO i can take on 20 skeletons at the same time dont test me


Not everyone.

#can we talk about how fucking cute these two are though  #like sam wilson got up and went for a run this morning  #came home to enjoy some juice straight from the bottle  #and two pretty kitties show up on his doorstep  #mewing softly  #kinda dirty and so very tired and alone  #and ofc he scooped them up and got them washed and fed #so now he has two kitties  #one is a badass russian spy  #the other is a pumped up dorito (via pastelfalcon) 

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Maybe if Tom Hiddleston stopped rolling up his sleeves like a dirty whore we wouldn’t be having this Tumblr problem.
something I heard a very serious looking business woman in a power suit say this morning on the train.  (via ptrcpldi)

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anonymous asked: The Tardis & Planets

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Flatline - teaser trailer

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A Musical Transcription of Jeff Goldblum’s Laugh From ‘Jurassic Park’

I have this playing in the background while I work today. It’s that sort of day.


Helpful reminder to the unhappily friendless: friends don’t have to be the same age as you.


Deleted WTNV textpost lines - Thor (2011) AU

In which we all know where Loki *really* went after he fell from the Bifrost. 

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my bestest blogging buddy (◠ω✿)

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